I was reminded recently that if one starts a blog then it’s usual custom to actually write a post more frequently than once every three years! A little harsh I felt but very fair I will admit. My ramblings will be much more frequent from now on. Please feel free to leave comments, constructive criticism, or pose any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer you. (Quicker than my two year response time previously. 🙂


Concierge du Monde

“Where Ladies of means meet Men of substance!”

I was recently invited to join a new website/organization named Concierge du Monde, or World Concierge, and wanted to tell you about it.

Concierge du Monde (CDM) was started by a former female escort who had been very interested in the concept of hiring a male companion for herself but became “lost” in her search for a genuine straight male escort. Her feeling was that there were many websites advertising males for hire but most of them turned out to primarily be Men for Men, and not purely Men for Women, which was her objective. Continue Reading »

Are they Hung?

A writer at Salon.com, Tracy Clark-Flory asked me along with others to answer some questions that she had for an article about HBO’s Hung. The article, while not using too much from each contributer was pretty decent and so I decided to link it here.

Hung Q & A

I was recently asked by a columnist for a Seattle newspaper “The Stranger” for my opinion on the HBO television program Hung. While I have to confess that my knowledge of the program itself is limited as I do not watch television, it’s an interesting subject to discuss. It remains to be seen if the show has any positive bearing on people’s attitudes towards male companions and their place in the service industry or if it simply becomes a cute, one joke, and one seasoned ‘hit’.

I would welcome comments from others about their thoughts also, not just of the program itself but the concept of a male provider. Continue Reading »

I appreciate that for most women the thought of utilizing the services of a male companion is a truly unique situation. It becomes an unexplored avenue that could well be daunting for a first time client. There will be many questions that you would like answered before even considering the possibility.

I could tell you in the about section of my website what a swell guy I am; how handsome, and funny, charming and well mannered a person, but that’s what you would expect to read.

I have put together this post in the hope of addressing some of your questions or fears. My intention is that my personality and traits will come out more through this blog posting rather than my “About” website section. I tend to write as my personality is: formal when required but relaxed and with a slight tongue in cheek approach. Continue Reading »

I had to post this. One of the funniest scenes of the movie and I think our man Deuce handles himself with class, just like every male escort should. Deuce Bigalow, for those who have not seen the movie is going on a date with a client who has Tourettes’s Syndrome. Over to you Deucie.

…If you can use, some exotic booze, there’s a bar in far (Bombay) “Dubai”

So I’m dreaming of a trip to Dubai to go and see what all the fuss is about and decided to plan out a little vacation on paper. Obviously one would wish to do this in style so me thinks first class all the way is the only way to travel. Continue Reading »